Been waiting a while to make our most exciting announcement yet!
Through pure accident we have a new animal at the park called a “Shig” It was created through the cross breeding of one of our Sheep and a rather confused Boar. As you can see the Shig has taken the wool and body from the sheep whilst still holding the pigs face and legs!
Face of a pig, body of a sheep these creatures are unique and are set to cause a storm in the restaurant industry.
Grant Bell of East Links Farm, Dunbar is the Farmer behind the new breed which tastes neither like Pork nor Mutton and is set to hit our menus under the brandname ‘PUTTON’.
“Visitors to the farm are amazed by the Shigs” says Grant, “they are neither one thing nor the other! When the ewe gave birth to these little oddities I couldn’t believe it, we called them Shiglets.”
The Shigs are on display along with all the other farm animals at East Links Family Park, Dunbar every day between 10am and 5pm.