Rain rain, go away!!

It seems like our summer may have arrived (touch wood) and after a rainy start we’re finally getting some Sun!

The start of the summer holidays has brought lots of Familiar Faces back to see us, as well as many New Ones! It’s been great to hear all the stories from last year and also receive all the lovely comments on our new Crazy Golf which to a lot of the yearly visitors has been a big surprise!

Another big attraction this summer has been our Bottle Fed Piglets! Our Sow Peppa had a litter of 10 piglets and whilst most pigs can manage this number easily Peppa has struggled in the past so we decided to adopt 4 of them to make it easier for her. The Four Piglets are thriving now and love all the attention from everybody even sometimes coming for a stroke as a dog would!

Recently our Pygora Goats had yet another outing in their showbiz lives, this time modelling in front of Edinburgh Castle for a Cashmere Clothing Store called The Tailor Retailored. Previously they starred in a Children’s Viking TV show as well as taking part in the prestigious “Poo in the Park” for Haddington Rugby Club.

Our Cottage Industry Workshops are coming along brilliantly! We now have the frames for the roofs on and they’re looking fantastic. To fill these workshops we are looking for small businesses with products like pottery, home produce, textiles and bakery that fits in with our farm/countryside theme, although you may have a product/service that would fit even better! If you or anyone you know would be interested in renting a workshop, email us at julie@eastlinks.co.uk for more information.

East Links Membership cards and Family Ticket vouchers are available all year round and make great birthday presents. If you visit the park more than 4 times a year, you would be saving money by becoming a member.

This month we hit a huge milestone of 20,000 Facebook Likes! On our page you can receive regular updates and photos of what’s going on! You can also follow us on Twitter @eastlinks1.

See you all soon,