What is that yellow thing in the sky?

 The end of May and start of June has given us some Incredible Weather! The Sunshine has been fantastic and with the Sunshine we have had a few lovely Additions to the park!

All Four of Our Heifers (female cows) have now Given Birth, all having a single boy calf! The youngest of which is our wee Highland Calf William who is only a couple of weeks old! Daisy The Donkey also gave birth to a lovely little Donkey Foal called Buttercup! Then on the 3rd Of June we had our Newest Arrival, a gorgeous Red Deer Calf.

The Summer Holidays are Fast Approaching, and for our Local Scottish Holidays we will be Extending Our Opening Hours Till 6pm meaning there will be even more time to Enjoy the Sunshine! (providing that it stays)

We are currently welcoming lots and Lots of School Groups for their End of Term Visits, as well as lots of Brownies, Scouts, Afterschool Clubs Etc. East Links offers a Perfect Environment for these trips as it offers some Education on Animals, Food and Farming in a Fantastically Fun Environment! We take Group Visits All Year round so For More Information please check out our website www.eastlinks.co.uk or Call Us On 01368 863607. We also take Birthday Parties and Other Groups. If the Group Size is Over 10 People the group receive a Discount for Pre Booking.

Water Wars is moving forward brilliantly! With all the Hoses Now Fitted we are starting to Look Towards The Finish Line! The next steps are fitting the Cannons and getting our Filtration System finished off. We hope to have it all Completed in the Next Few Weeks! It’s going to be Huge, Firing Water from one side of the pond to the other Soaking Mums, Dads, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and Whoever Else you bring along! There will also be targets to shoot on the pond in case you don’t want to get each other wet!

A Record Number of people have been taking out our Annual Memberships! Did you know that it works out at the Price Of Just 4 Entries! So if you visit more than 4 times you will save money! The Prices are £52 For Adults Or Children, and it is £26 for Two Year Olds And £40 For Concessions Including Pensioners.

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See you all soon,