Finally winter has been left behind and spring has arrived. As usual spring means an explosion of births at the park; and with 50 Lambs, 17 Piglets, 1 Foal and 1 Calf already, we haven’t been let down!

So continuing with the births; our Skyrian Horse Ianthe gave birth to a lovely little colt (young male) called Ajax; Millie the Belted Galloway Cow gave birth to Cookie, a beautiful calf; our Petrian Pig and Khune Khune Pig both gave birth to 10 and 7 piglets respectively and we have had our second batch of chicks hatch out on Sunday 6th March!

Coming up over the 25-28th of March we have our Massive Easter Egg Hunt where we’ll have thousands of eggs hidden across the Park. Prizes are a crème egg if you find a red egg and a boxed Easter egg if you find a golden egg! There’s no need to book and the rest of the park is open as normal. It’s always great fun and this year we have over 2500 eggs to give away!

We had a great time at the Dunbar Science Festival on the 5th and 6th of March teaching children and adults about the different stages of a chicken’s life; from egg through incubation to hatching; and then growing up. We took along some of our little chicks who were huge crowd pleasers! We were also interviewed by East Coast FM who covered the event! There were loads of amazing and interesting shows and stalls and we thoroughly recommend that you head along next year!

Work is now underway on our next big attraction – the WET JET ZONE which we hope to open in time for the summer! It will be a HUGE floating water gun fight on our pond. At the moment the platform is being built and work will progress from there.

Cottage Industry Workshop number 2 has opened. It’s a Farm Shop called The Garden Gate and sells a variety of local produce. Cools Confectionary too is open for business selling a massive selection of chocolates and confectionary! We have been lucky enough to try some of their amazing products! There are still two Workshops available to rent. If interested email

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on the animals and new building work! You can also follow us on Twitter @eastlinks1

See you all soon,