Crazy Golf!

More births this month to report! Our Skyrian Pony ‘Bdora’ gave birth to a colt (male) foal at the end of last month and this month one of our Donkeys ‘Daisy’ gave birth to a filly (female) foal. Both are doing well and are either running about daft or sleeping. We were gifted ‘Milo’ an African Leopard Tortoise this week who is now keeping ‘Mambo’ our African spurred tortoise company. They are both quite young at the moment (as tortoises can live up to 100 years old) but could double in size! Keep up to date on new arrivals and additions by ‘liking’ our Facebook page.

Our new 18 Hole Crazy Golf attraction is now OPEN! Located in and around our pond it includes two bridges and a multitude of farm themed holes and obstacles, such as ‘Milk Churn Turn’ and ‘Hill ‘o’ Hope’. Even the most accomplished of golfers may find it just as tricky as a novice. Spotlights have also been added giving you the potential to book private night time events.

The Duck Race around the pond opened and is a great success. This allows families to race against each other using rubber ducks (although the feathered variety are enjoying this racing channel too!).

Work has already started on the next project which involves the building of 5 Cottage Industry Workshops. These will provide businesses a starting platform in an area which already has a high footfall of visitors. We are looking for small businesses with products like pottery, home produce, textiles, bakery etc that would fit in with our farm/countryside theme.

East Links Membership cards and Family Ticket vouchers are available all year round and make great birthday presents. If you visit the park more than 4 times a year, ask about our yearly membership.

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