Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

It feels like January had barely started before it was finished, and we’re now well into February! The weather is still as crazy as ever but at least we’re now getting the odd dry day in between all the rain! And we’re open 10am-5pm now that the evenings are holding their light a little longer.

The lambing has exploded at the park and we already have over 30 lambs as well as lots of goat kids. We’re going to be lambing right through ‘till mid April so make sure you all get down to see our new born lambs!

The births haven’t stopped at lambs and goats either! We had a lovely little Skyrian Foal born on the 17th of February, followed on the 18th by a HUGE litter of Piglets! Check out our Facebook page for photos and updates on these. We have also started hatching chicks out of our incubator, the first hatch of the year being a great success!

We will be helping out at the Dunbar Science Festival again this year so please come along to this amazing event and see us. We’ll be attending the main event on 5th and 6th of March at Dunbar Primary school. Then Easter is early this year so look out for our Annual Massive Egg Hunt from 25th-28th of March!

We’re also very happy to announce that Cools Confectionary have opened their Cottage Industry Workshop at the park, selling a massive selection of sweets and chocolates! (It’s been a huge hit with the staff, never mind the lucky customers!). Their opening hours match the Park’s so please feel free to come and treat yourself! This will be followed very closely by the opening of The Garden Gate, a farm shop selling a varied range of local produce. There are still two Cottage Industry Workshops available for rent, so if you have a business that would fit well at the Park please feel free to email Julie Merrilees on julie@eastlinks.co.uk.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on the animals and new building work! You can also follow us on Twitter @eastlinks1

See you all soon,