Outside Toy Area

Outside Toy Area

Lots of different apparatus so that you can sledge, climb, swing, spin, slide, twist, fly, twirl, throw, balance and play!

  • Giant Super Swinger – This Massive swing can hold about 12 at a time!
  • Buccaneer Ship – Two levels of adventure for the younger visitor
  • Trim Trail – Test your speed, aim and balance and time yourself across this wooden trail.
  • All Weather Sledging Slope – Sledge down the artificial slope and race your friends!.
  • Basket Swing – For a relaxing swing with a few friends.
  • Rabbit Warren – Climb up tor down the rabbit warren tubes. Plenty of sand at the bottom to make sand castles.
  • Flying Fox
  • Mobilus – Spinning see saw
  • Spinners – Roundabout fun for various ages.
  • Horseshoe Pitching – Try your hand at this traditional game.
  • Cone Climbers- 3 different sizes of large rope climbers.

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