Back to School!

Well that’s it for our local Summer Holidays, and it’s not long until the English schools go back too! So we’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us, we hope you all had a fantastic summer (even with all the rain)!

September has seen the start of work on our floating platform for the pond that will host our next big attraction which will be Water Blasters. It has also seen the tin roofs be added to the Cottage Industry Workshops, which are really coming together now! We are still looking for tenants with products such as pottery, home produce, textiles or perhaps you have a better idea? If you or anyone you know would be interested in renting a workshop, email us at for more information.

We are also starting to think about Halloween and our Spooktober Event. Our Halloween activities include a Haunted House, Ghost Train, Pumpkin Letter Hunt, Face Painting and more. The dates for this year’s event are 10th to 19th October, 24th & 25th October, 31st Oct & 1st Nov. The park itself will be open as normal and there is no additional charge or need to book for our Halloween event.

Our shop is currently over run with Free Range Eggs due to our Lohman Brown hens being in overdrive! We sell both the hens and the eggs here, the eggs are £1.50 a half dozen. As for the hens, Lohman Browns are renowned as one of the best laying breeds there is. They also become very friendly and can make great pets! They’re £12 per hen and they can easily lay an egg a day each!

We sell Membership and Family Day Ticket vouchers all year round and they make great birthday presents/gifts. If you visit the park more than 4 times a year, you would be saving money by becoming a member. For more information on either of these call 01368863607

On Facebook this month we received a hilarious video featuring our Llamas, if you haven’t seen it yet check it out on our page, where you can also receive regular updates and photos of what’s going on! You can also follow us on Twitter @eastlinks1.

See you all soon,